These are some of our state-of-the-art equipment which we utilize to the fullest, enabling us to perform with one sole objective in mind: high quality production and performance with precision being the main focal point. We accomplish that all the while following all safety regulations and requirements and by constantly maintaining our facility with the utmost in cleanliness and efficiency.

This is a BOBST 40x28 high speed die cutter. It rapidly cuts up to 7500 sheets per hour, allowing quick turn around without risking the integrity or quality of the end product.


This is a brand new SABER 62" precision power cutter. It is one of the industry's most advanced power cutters, being fully computerized and designed with the accuracy of cuts in mind. It allows us to cut a wide range of material such as chip board, plastic, and even the more demanding (in regard to accuracy) printed stock.


This is a Thompson 66x44 die cutting press. It is our largest die cutting press, utilized for cutting a variety of material types, ranging from the thinner paper/cardboard materials to the more extreme intense materials such as .090 styrene. This extraordinary machine is capable of a heavy volume of work.


This is a GERBER PROFILE router. This is just one example of the high-tech machinery that we have used to revamp our die shop.  This particular  machine is also one of the industry's most advanced innovations that we have integrated into our modernized in house die shop. It replaces the "old-school" technique of cutting or "jigging" die boards. It allows us to produce a higher quality die board much quicker than any "traditional" method. It's closest competition is a laser cutter, which costs three times as much, takes up a lot more room, and costs more per hour to operate and maintain.

Here at Mono Due Cutting, we have strived in investing in machinery such as exemplified on this page and in training our personnel for one reason only: our dedication to improving productivity and customer service!

The ultimate goal is to be the best that we can be, combining skilled personnel and a modernized production environment. 

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