Mono Die Cutting Company, Inc. began in 1946 by Alfred Morris Sr. and Peter Noonan. The two innovators combined their names to give the company its' unique title. Mono Die Cutting Company was first located on 35 Brook Street in Providence, Rhode Island and was officially called the Mono Steel Rule & Die Company. In 1966, Peter Noonan left and began his own business and took the original name with him. Alfred Morris Sr. retained the company and renamed it the Mono Die Cutting Company. The business was relocated to 89 Valley Street in East Providence, Rhode Island. Mono Die Cutting Company strived under his belief of providing quality workmanship and offering prompt service, two time-tested old-world philosophies that the company still holds to this day.

Alfred Morris Jr. began his start in the industry with his father and shared his vision. He took over the company in 1985. When Alfred Senior passed away, Alfred Morris Jr. incorporated the company and began the process of upgrading to all new high tech machinery. The company was eventually moved to its present much larger location on 7 Hemingway Drive in Riverside, Rhode Island.


Under the keen leadership of Alfred Morris Jr., Plant Manager Nick Pereira  and the rest of the experienced staff, Mono Die Cutting contiues in keeping with the times by incorporating the most sophisticated and latest innovations in new-world machinery and technology with old-world craftsmanship and work ethic. Alfred Morris Jr. maintains the company today and continues to treat all his clients and employees with the utmost dignity and respect he and the Morris family is known for.

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